After years of customer-centric work in higher education, I am loving working in roles that better utilize both my technical skills and my strengths in communication and relationship management.

I am happy collaborating and working independently. For me, a perfect work day would include a blend of both. I take a pragmatic approach to programming and, when possible, I like digging into why and how things work.

I have experience in:

Python ★ Java ★ Django ★ HTML ★ CSS ★ Javascript ★ MySQL ★ Restful APIs ★ Heroku Deployment ★ Git and GitHub ★ OS Command Line ★ Virtual Environments ★ TDD ★ JSON ★ PostgreSQL

Speed Networking App

I am fascinated by created tools that make facilitating connections .  The Speed Networking App allows a community leader to run Speed Networking by automating registrations, pairing assignments, and follow up connections.  Users get round assignments and contact information  directly to their mobile app as well as the ability to rate matches real time.

Built in Java, Python, HTML, CSS

Git Hub Repo

Coming Soon!

Community CRM

I am passionate about building communities. This CRM is designed to help community managers increase member engagement. It pulls data from the Meetups API and deployed to heroku. Utilizes Python, javascript, jquery, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Git Hub Repository

Career Quiz

As a former career coach, I saw an opportunity for a tool that would help junior devs decide which path in programming would be the best fit for them.

Created using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and Chart.js.

Git Hub Repository